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We welcome you and your family to our dental practice in Grünheide near Berlin!

In our dental practice in Brandenburg, we put our main focus on meeting your demands for lifelong dental health in a comprehensive way. We have implemented this within the framework of our medical-holistic concept.

We are not only dentists and dental assistants, but also humans: We work and we live in Brandenburg. We love our job!

Our dental practice in Grünheide is deliberately designed as a place where differences are made: Differences between you and every other patient, because nothing is as unique as the human being; differences between materials that only imitate nature and those that represent it equally.
And because experts are simply the best for solving demanding problems, our architecture of competence is based on the medical foundation of interdisciplinary specialization, the use of the latest precision technology in diagnostics, dentistry, implantology, oral surgery and dental technology.

Every treatment result is thus the result of decisions made in the clear awareness that patient, material and method form a unity. We are this unity.

From our understanding, the highest precision is only possible from feeling a deep calm and taking a lot of time for our patients.

Dr. med. dent. Burghard A. Maretzki M.Sc. M.Sc. et Kollegen, dental practice in Grünheide/Brandenburg near Berlin

From our understanding, highest precision is only possible with a deep calm and a lot of time.

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In our dental practice in Grünheide in Brandenburg we seek to treat you in a friendly and understanding way, offering you a relaxing atmosphere during your appointments. Moreover, we are able to offer you special services like fixed dentures within 12 hours, a high-end digital dental lab, scans, digital volume tomography, biocompatible and gentle dentistry.
On one hand you benefit from our experienced and well-educated team, on the other hand you are treated in a dental practice offering a patient-centered and modern dental concept

Meet the Doctors and the Team

Our Team

Our specialized doctors work closely together and are taking care of all your dental wishes or problems. Each patient´s needs and desires are individual and will be considered as such.

Dr. med. dent. Burghard A. Maretzki

M.Sc. Oral Implantology
M.Sc. Oral Surgery

Hella Jänicke

dentistry, pediatric dentistry, prosthetic dentistry

Dipl.-Med. Monika Maretzki

dentistry, prosthetic dentistry

Dr. med. dent. Reinhard Freiberg

dentistry, prosthetic dentistry

Our front desk staff makes you feel welcome and assists you to make your appointments and organize treatments that are perfect to you! Our hygienists help you to keep teeth and gums healthy with exceptional care. Our dental assistants take care for you during the dental treatments with special know-how and a lot of empathy. Our dental technicians create aesthetic full ceramic solutions in a digital workflow which are indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

The best for the present are even better ideas for tomorrow

In our practice in Grünheide/Brandenburg we put a main focus on dental implantology.
The dental implant takes over the function of artificial tooth roots, which are screwed or inserted into the jawbone and, within a few months, combine with the surrounding bone to form an extremely resilient carrier unit for crowns or other prosthetic solutions.
Our dental services enable fixed teeth to be achieved in one day and by no means stop at specialized procedures for the restoration and regeneration of jaw bone. We offer painless treatments and, by using the latest 3D technology, we are able to virtually pre-plan implantations and implant with millimeter precision.
Minimal and immediate implantations as well as metal-free implantology (zirconium implants) are always performed minimally invasive and only under the condition of immunological neutrality.
We make use of titanium implants as well as zirconium implants, their pros and cons are always discussed with you before the treatment.
Special, implant systems like the immediate implantation are chosen for special demanding tasks: Immediate implants are inserted directly after the removal of a tooth into the naturally given bone space (alveolar socket). Moreover, mini implants make it possible to provide the patient with palate-free upper jaw prosthesis.
In some cases there’s not enough bone given for the implantation. Then it is necessary to perform an individually planned bone augmentation.
Of course, we will be happy to inform you about all the necessary steps of implantation: The virtual planning, the pre-surgical steps, the implantation and after-care.
If you have any questions concerning dental implants we will be happy to answer them!

artificial roots for your new teeth


surgical measures

Oral Surgery

Oral surgery in our dental practice in Grünheide (Brandenburg) near Berlin includes all surgical measures that become necessary when the maintenance or restoration of your dental and oral health can no longer be guaranteed by other therapies. In the run-up to each procedure, our team of dentists takes sufficient time to discuss the exact procedures with you, answer your questions and work together to find solutions to any fears and concerns you may have.

With empathy, efficiency and local anesthesia we ensure you a completely painless situation during the procedure. By means of a laughing gas sedation the anxious patients can look forward to their treatment with composure.

In the following we offer you an overview of our range of services concerning the dental treatment of:

  • any kind of inflammations in the oral cavity, also of abscesses
  • jaw cysts
  • lip frenula
  • oral mucosa
  • denture bearing of the dental prosthesis
  • injuries, traumata of teeth and gum
  • root tip inflammation (root tip resection)
  • tooth extraction (e.g. wisdom teeth)
  • surgical exposure of impacted teeth

We will be happy to inform you about the details. Please just ask our team in Grünheide (Brandenburg).

In our dental practice in Grünheide near Berlin we offer you a wide range of dental services:

lifelong dental health


avoid tooth decay


“Protective is definitely the better curative”: Prophylaxis is one of the main elements to avoid tooth decay. Our goal is to keep your entire oral cavity permanently healthy through prevention and the consistent use of modern dental care technology. With appropriate care you can benefit of a beautiful, symptom-free oral functionality.
In principle, dental fillings are performed with high quality ceramic or gold inlays. Moreover, fixed dentures offer better wearing comfort and are preferable to removable dentures due to their more favorable long-term prognosis. We make a distinction between the following four types: dental crowns, dental bridges, partial dentures or full dentures.

Prosthetic solutions

Dental filling



Periodontitis is a chronic inflammation of the periodontium, which is always found with a pathological bacterial composition below the accessible area of the gums. Initially, periodontitis becomes noticeable by small inflammations of the gums.
After a progressive inflammation of the periodontium, it is no longer limited to this area, but spreads to the bone with increasing depth. In the long term, this results in tooth migration and loosening, up to and including possible tooth loss.
The central tools of periodontitis therapy in our dental practice in Grünheide (Brandenburg) consist of ultrasound-, piezo-, soft laser-  and classical manual instrumentation.

In most cases, root canal treatment is performed due to bacterial colonization of the tooth or damage to the tooth due to an accident.

As a result of these stimuli an inflammation develops inside the tooth. We offer you a special treatment concept to preserve the tooth.

preserve the tooth

Root canal treatment

craniomandibular dysfunction

Functional therapy

If we suspect a craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD) – a dysfunction of the chewing muscles and the jaw joints – we will first of all talk about the possibilities of manual structure and function analysis in a personal consultation in our dental practice in Grünheide.
How long a functional splint has to be worn or whether other accompanying therapies are necessary must be individually measured according to the respective treatment progress or depends on your individual treatment concept.

Dental treatment of children in our practice in Grünheide: With a lot of empathy and care we accompany your children through their dental appointments. With optimal dental care, the probability that a need for dental treatment will actually arise is extremely low. And if a problem comes up: Don’t worry, our team is prepared for this as well. Your child is always in the best hands from the first months to his/her teenage years.

Dental treatment of children

Pediatric dentistry

CEramic REConstruction


Our modern technical concept enables us to perform a defect-oriented restoration of a tooth with a tooth-colored ceramic restoration in only one dental session. An intraoral scanner takes the impressions of your jaw. Using a computer-aided procedure, the lost part of the tooth is calculated using the key-lock principle and then produced by a milling computer – in just one dentist session and without a temporary restoration!

Our dental practice is located in the south-east of Berlin. Coming by car you can take the A10 or B1/B5 to Grünheide. From the other directions you can take the A11, A12 or A13.

Parking is possible directly in front of our dental practice in Grünheide. Moreover, there are a lot of parking spaces in the immediate surroundings of the practice.

You can also use the automatic route planner (Google Maps) to find us. 

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